Centennial Leader

Leslie and Ashish Bhutani
Dr. Jeffrey Block and Liz Hahn-Block
Amanda Rowan
Judy and Jack Stapelmann
Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin

Movement Builder

Marc Appleton and Joanna Kerns
Lucie Greer
John E. Temple, Jr.
Karl Weis and Kristen Klingbeil-Weis

Health Care Guardian

Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber,
   Schreck with Beth Collins
Dr. Karen Engberg and Dr. Doug Jackson
G.A. Fowler Family Foundation
Hewitt Kunz Family Foundation
Amy M. Holbrook
Ward and Loyd Hutchins
Linked Foundation
Richard and Marilyn Mazess
Pam McLean, Ph.D.
Montecito Bank & Trust
Carrie Ohly-Cusack and Tom Cusack
Beatrice T. Oshika, Ph.D.

Donald Polk and J. Paul Longanbach
Pretty in Pink
On Q Financial
Sally and Bill Russ
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
Anne and Tom Schowe
Stephanie and Fred Shuman
Jennifer Steinwurtzel
Wendy Wheeler Smith
Carrie Towbes and John Lewis
Christian and Lori Tudor
Cliff and Crystal Wyatt
Dale Zurawski and Geoffrey Slaff

VIP Sponsor

Karen Allen and Carol Hilligus–Irving
Pat and Evan Aptaker
Mary and John Blair
Mary Brown and Tove Matas
Charlotte Brownlee and Alex Corman
Liz and Andrew Butcher
Helen Chuan
Mary Ciotti
Margaret and Joe Connell
Leila Cook and Dr. Cris Shepard
Tom and Nancy Crawford
Jeff and Kathryn Dinkin
DK Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Susan Ehrlich
Harry and Sintija Felder
Anne and David Gersh
Insight & Strategies, Gayle Abramson
   and Mitch Glanz
Wine Sponsor

Daniel and Janelle Green

Anne and Matt Hall
Councilmember Gregg Hart
Juliane Heyman
Richard Heimberg
   and Karen Schloss Heimberg
Jim and Chana Jackson
Nancy K. Johnson
Audrie Krause
Pierre LaFond and Wendy Foster
Elinor and James Langer
Sheila Lodge
Bill and Kristin Loomis
Deborah and Martin Lynch
Christine and Bruce Lyon
Sherry and Craig Madsen
Bob and Siri Marshall
Diane McQuarie

Charles and Betsy Newman
Susanne M. Penner
Peter and Alanna Rathbone
Vicki Riskin and David W. Rintels
JB and Julia Rodgers
Susan and Stephen Robeck
John and Mary Romo
Maryan Schall
Jean K. Schuyler
Dr. Ayesha Shaikh
Chuck and Missy Sheldon
Susan Sheller and Bob Roe
Deborah Talmage and Vince Deral
Shirley Thayer
Jenna and Andrew Tosh
Dr. Ron Ungerer and Stephanie Wilson
Carol Vernon and Robert Turbin
Leesa Wilson-Goldmuntz
   and David Goldmuntz
Geof and Laura Wyatt